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ECD “Tiras 1X”

ECD “Tiras 1X”

ECD intended for operation with FCPs of the "Tiras PRIME" series
ECD "Tiras 1X" is intended to control one direction of fire extinguishing (gas, powder, aerosol). It can operate in autonomous mode or as part of fire alarm systems "Tiras PRIME" or "Tiras PRIME A".


    Autonomous operation or operation as part of the fire alarm system
    Control of one direction of fire extinguishing
    Release control and control of extinguishing equipment status
    2 fire alarm zones
    Pre-discharge warning time (evacuation delay)
    Alert of extinguishing agent release
    Manual release and emergency abort of fire extinguishing
    Supply voltage - 12 or 24 V

    Technical features

    Tiras PRIME via the system bus RS-485
    Tiras PRIME A via the AM-Converter module
    2 fire alarm zones
    2 activation inputs
    "Manual release" input
    "Emergency abort" input
    "Release Control" input
    "Component Monitoring" input
    "Touch Memory" input
    "Door status monitoring" input
    "Fire extinguishing launch" output
    "Alert" output
    "Fire extinguishing" output
    "Emergency abort" output
    "Alarm" output
    "Manual mode" output
    "Fault" output
    Power supply
    Supply voltage 12/24 V
    Current consumption in standby mode:
    60 mA
    Current consumption in "Extinguishing" mode:
    80 mA
    Overall dimensions:
    270x200x50 mm
    Net weight:
    600 g
    Enclosure protection degree:
    Operating temperature range:
    From -10°C to +40°C
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