Light and sound siren
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    Certified fire alarm equipment
Light and sound sirens are used in fire alarm systems, in evacuation control systems, extinguishing systems etc.

13 variants of labels (or custom) and modifications for the power supply voltage of 12 or 24V.

Modifications are available

ОСЗ-1 "Alarm"
ОСЗ-3 "Gas. Do not enter!"
ОСЗ-2 "Fire"
ОСЗ-4 "Gas. Go out!"
ОСЗ-5 "Powder. Do not enter!"
ОСЗ-6 "Powder Go out!"
ОСЗ-9 "Aerosol. Do not enter!"
ОСЗ-10 "Aerosol. Go out!"
ОСЗ-12 "Exit"
ОСЗ-13 "Пожар"
ОСЗ-11 "WARNING! Leave premise! Emergency leak gas"
ОСЗ-14.1 "Arrow-indicator of the direction"
ОСЗ-14.5 "Выход"

    Technical features

    Current consumption
    0.1/0.07 А
    Power supply voltage
    Sound pressure level
    80 dB
    280х100х32 mm
    Operating temperature range
    from -10°С to+55°С